In The Irons

Hi! I’m Bethany, a 30something Canadian living girl, who is in love with anything and everything to do with horses!

I had the idea to start a blog to have a space to share my thoughts, my achievements, highs and lows as a returning adult rider. I wanted to document my journey through my newly, picked back up hobby. I rode on and off as I kid, and like many others, I never lost that “crazy horse girl gene”. 

When I moved to my new community, I decided to start my life long obsession back up. Little did I know that during this time, I would be challenged mentally and physically. It was during this time that I started The Nervous Equestrian.  

My goal is to create a safe space for everyone; I want everyone to know that it is okay, too not be okay. 

I want to share my journey, my story, my experiences, in hopes that I can be relatable to others, and just help; even if it’s just one person. I want to be that reason why someone continues on their equestrian journey, and show them that they aren’t alone. After all, it’s about the journey, not the destination.