It may only be December but show season really isn’t that far away! I keep saying I need to get my shit together and start prepping… But I’ve been saying that for, ohhh, I don’t know, my whole adult life?! But this time I mean it. I WILL get my shit together & show my ass off and hopefully get some pretty ribbons! All while having fun of course with my barn besties. 

I personally find lists keep me on track. I literally have lists all over my office at work. Post-it notes are my best friend ❤ There is just something about being able to literally check something off of a list, just doing that check makes me feel good. I totally get it, that it is all a mental thing but I do truly enjoy it. I enjoy it so much I even made a list for my Fiancé – he doesn’t appreciate that list at all (HAHA).  

I started a goal list to help keep myself on track for my riding with Miss Abbey (it is actually a HUGE list). This list is goals for the winter of a couple of things that I want to focus on the most. This list will help me come show season as well. The goals aren’t in any particular order – by doing that maybe I’ll actually complete some 😂 

-> Stop complaining to myself during a lesson. This one is a toughie for me. I am my own worst enemy. I am so unbelievably hard on myself that before I even get into the ring for my lesson, I have already talked myself out of doing ANYTHING.

-> Successfully jump a course indoors without having trot transitions. This is another toughie. Abbey is a TANK. A tank with a huge stride. We have a fairly good-sized indoor ring but Abbey covers a lot of ground quickly and our corners are tricky spots for us.  

-> Jump 2’3. Enough said about this one. I’ve jumped 2’9 (once, maybe not quite 2’9 but when we measured it, it was close) but I have jumped 2’6 numerous times. There is ABOSOUTLEY NO REASON why I can’t jump 2’3. I have too. I am showing low & modified hunters this season. I need to get my ass into gear.  

-> Stop worrying about seeing a “spot”. This one stresses me out SO DAMN BAD. Seeing the perfect spot is my biggest worry right now when it comes to jumping. I’m past all the other BS but I still struggle with knowing when the take-off spot it. I clearly get it, but then I don’t. I mainly don’t get it because I over think it so much.  

-> Trust Abbey. I do trust Abbey, but because I lack the trust in myself in the fact that I do actually know what I am doing, I don’t trust her – but it’s only when it comes to jumping. Abbey isn’t a dirty horse. She actually babysits me and try’s so hard for me. I need to return the favor and do the same for her. Abbey LOVES to jump. She really does love it. She is a show horse, she knows her job. I just need to know mine as well. 

These aren’t all my goals for the winter, but these are the ones I want to focus on the most and really work on overcoming. I was there once before and I can get there again.

I will get there again actually. 

 ❤ The Nervous Equestrian

6 thoughts on “Goals

  1. One of the best things I’ve learned recently is to stop looking for the ‘spot’ or trying to ‘see the distance.’ I always struggled with that and I’d jump ahead of the horse a lot. Instead, I now focus on the quality of the canter and the horse picks the distance. It’s usually better than the one I’d have picked, haha!


    1. The Nervous Equestrian

      It’s one of my biggest struggles! I’ve been struggling with it now for awhile! I’ve just recently started focusing more on her canter as well! abbey also chooses a much better distance then me too 😂😂


  2. joyride4

    Love your list – probably because it’s nearly identical to mine! I also got way in my head a few months ago about seeing the distance. My trainer actually said: “It’s like you don’t know when you’re leaving the ground!” and my response was, EXACTLY! I don’t know LOL. So I would do a half-get-ready for the long one just in case, but curl into a ball that does nothing. ARGH! Now we’re just focusing on getting a good canter well before the jump and keeping my leg on *especially* when I don’t see something, and letting my horse help figure out whether to go for it, or add in another step. He usually picks right and I can keep my body where it needs to (most of the time). Thankfully, the fences are low enough that if we botch it, we can still recover! Turns out he has a great eye for this (much better than mine) and if I can just keep myself together and pace consistent, he’ll adjust and it seemingly comes right up for us. Just gotta get out of my own way! Thanks for sharing this, sooo relatable!


    1. The Nervous Equestrian

      You literally took my thoughts and problems out of my head right there! That is what Abbey and are going through and trying to do right now. I don’t know when we are leaving the ground, I have the odd time when I can see the spot, but most times, I just close my leg and hope for the best. Abbey does have a much better eye than I do! And thank goodness for low fences for recovery! haha


      1. joyride4

        I’m telling ya, this adulting stuff is tough! The trainers keep assuring me that if I don’t know and just keep leg, he’ll just lock in on it and take me to the perfect distance. It’s starting to happen, and omg when it does, it’s like MAGIC! LOL.

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