Incrediwear Equine – Product Review

Incrediwear Equine

As many of you may know my mare Abbey has Equine lymphangitis. Which is an infection of the lower limbs caused by a bacterial or fungal infection, or from an infected wound. Lymphangitis in horses is the swelling and inflammation of the lymph nodes, this most often affects one or both of the rear legs. Abbey’s affected leg is her left hind, and she had a flare up just over a month ago (we believe it was caused by a bad case of mud fever, which then led to cellulitis). This flare up led me to find this amazing company called Incrediwear Equine. 

Their products have semi-conductors embedded into the fibers; Germanium & Carbon. All the product has to do is to touch the skin! All the semi-conductors need is – body heat. This activates the germanium and the carbon; releasing negative ions and vibrating the cells. This then increases the blood flow and lymphatic drainage of the affected site.  This results in reduced swelling and inflammation of the area. It also speeds up healing of wounds and other issues. Their products are also great for injury prevention. They help reduce muscle fatigue during work outs.

Muscle fatigue = higher risk for injury. Which us riders absolutely do not want!

Let me start by saying, the customer service at Incrediwear Equine is by far the best. They were so, so helpful! Answering all my nonstop questions without any hesitation! Shipping was fast, considering it was shipped from CA, USA and I am in Nova Scotia, Canada. I believe I received my wraps within a week and a day or so from them shipping to me.

After my many, many (repeat of) questions, I went with the Circulation Exercise Bandages. They reassured me they would be the best fit for Abbey and her leg. They will help with her (at the time) flare up, and with any future flare ups she may have, and to just help with the overall health of her leg. You can use them just as a standing wrap and during exercise as well.

Circulation Exercise Bandages

The proof is in the pictures;


Before                                                         After – Flat Ride

When I received the wraps, I first tested out the “icing” factor the wraps have. When wet the wraps act as ice packs basically! Hose them down and let the wraps do the work! I was half expecting them to be cold to the touch, but after *another* message to them, I was reassured the coldness is inside the wrap, against the skin. You can leave the wraps on for up to an hour, when wet. They stay cold for up to 45mins-1 hour. I left them on for about 30minutes and I noticed a difference in her stockiness immediately after removing them.

When I used the wraps during our flat work and jumping lessons, twice, the wrap on the affected leg started to get loose because the swelling went down faster than it ever has before! When it’s not wrapped, there would be some subtle changes in her stockiness, but these wraps, have a huge positive impact on the health of that leg for my mare.  It’s great to see these wraps work and how they have helped Abbey. It actually surprised me at first how quickly the stockiness goes away while wearing them, and when I use the ice feature on her legs, it’s even better.

I truly don’t want Abbey to have another flare up at all, but I feel better knowing I have a product on hand that can help her quickly if she does. Also, the company is literally just a message away, and with that quick shipping, I feel confident if I need anything else!

I tell everyone about them and suggest to anyone who has a horse with stockiness to give them a try and see for yourself – if this review, and pictures aren’t enough!

They are a small company of 3 people, with fantastic customer service, who have products that are helping our equine partners stay in tip top shape!

And, these wraps are even washable! You can’t even wash away the magic! Toss them in the washer and tumble dry!

If your equine friend has stockiness, swollen leg(s) after a hard workout or just any other leg health issues I recommend these wraps, and this company in general.

The circulation bandages are totally a tack trunk necessity!

❤ The Nervous Equestrian

2 thoughts on “Incrediwear Equine – Product Review

  1. Pam

    My horse had an episode-of lymphangitis last year. His infected wound took months to heal and he still suffers with chronic lymphedema that we manage by wrapping 12 hours on and 12 hours off. Wondering how the socks work to reduce the swelling by the coronet band. Have you used them?


    1. The Nervous Equestrian

      I haven’t actually used the hoof socks but I am ordering them from a place in Ontario, Canada! So hopefully soon I can let you know! My mare coronet and fetlock hold a lot of swelling so I’m hoping they do the trick!


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