The Great Return

It happened. It finally happened.

Abbey & I FINALLY had not one, but TWO lessons. After set back, after set back, we finally did it. We are at the point again that we are able to start back up into the lesson program. My saddle fits great, her leg is back to normal and my life is finally starting to relax.

We had a fantastic first lesson back. I was so unbelievably nervous. Like, the most nervous I have been in months. I was THAT nervous, that I almost sent a text to my coach telling her I couldn’t make it for some BS reason. But my Fiancé told me to stop being dumb and just go do it. So I did. And I’m so glad I didn’t let my annoying nervous personality win this round.

I’ve been flatting Abbey (but not jumping) pretty consistently. Minus the cross rail we did last week, oh and the time we jumped the mounting block while attempting a lead change, but hey, if its in your way – jump it! So the nerves I was feeling seemed pretty normal to have – all things considering!

For our first lesson, we simply just did cross rails and then a vertical a few times. We just went back and forth, over and over again. Just working on developing my eye again and gaining my confidence back. Once I got over my “first jump fear”, it was fine. I didn’t see a single distance but I trusted Abbey and just went with her and hoped for the best.

At our second jumping lesson, I was less nervous and felt more confident. I have a horse that loves to jump and knows her job very well. She has schooled 4ft, so my little verticals and cross rails are a joke to her (she’s laughing at me, I know she is). We worked on the same thing again; just developing my eye again and just keeping it simple so my confidence won’t get shattered.. again. It was a fantastic lesson. I just trusted her, and went for it.

I believe that all the setbacks we have been having, and having missed this show season, has truly helped us develop our bond. I’ve only had Abbey since March, and we have so far formed a great bond and I do trust her. She definitely takes care of me! It’s going to help me so much in the show ring & gaining my confidence back.

❤️ The Nervous Equestrian

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