Heart Horse

Heart horse; what makes a “heart horse”. What does “heart horse” even mean? Does everyone have a “heart horse”?

I had this conversation with a friend of mine the other day about heart horses. And if we think our mares are our heart horses and what it means to us. I told her how I don’t think how Abbey is my “heart horse”. Now, before anyone gets mad – I love that horse, like love her. She hurts, I hurt. She’s happy, I’m happy. It’s the real deal.

After having this conversation I have been struggling with the definition for “heart horse” and what this term even means to me and in general. I see, hear, everyone throwing it around but at the end of the day I was like “wtf… are you talking about”.

So after having that conversation I’ve been doing a lot of thinking on this because after I said how I don’t think Abbey is my heart horse, I instantly felt like shit. I was like, “Omg, How could I say that about her when I care so much for her?”. Then I got my little brain wheels a turning and started talking to other people and reading some fabulous blogs on this topic.

To me, heart horse means when you have finally created that bond with each other. You have that mutual understanding of love and respect with each other. You look out for each other.  I truly do care and love Abbey. She is fantastic. I never in my life would of pictured having a horse to call my own, and to never have a horse like her in my life (which I CAN NOT thank enough the beyond awesome people in my life for making possible). Abbey is the only horse I am probably ever going to own. She’s the horse that is going to teach me the things I need to learn. She’s going to give me the confidence I need to succeed inside and outside the show ring. She is the horse I am suppose to have and the horse that is going to show me that I am not a lost cause in riding.

Once you find your heart horse you know, you just know that feeling. That understanding, the love and respect you give each other. Abbey was meant to show up in my life, I do fully believe that everything does happen for a reason. And that goes for animals as well. They come into your life when you need them the most, you may not realize it but they are helping you in some shape or form.

After doing some serious thinking on what heart horse means to me personally, I do believe Abbey is my heart horse. She’s the horse I need, want, and am suppose to have. Abbey has already saved my ass hundreds of times & will only continue to do so. She tries so hard to please me (even in her mare moments 😂). Abbey is a one of a kind horse, full of personality.

Heart horse can just be a word and a hash tag you just throw around without even fully understanding or believing what you are saying. But I do believe everyone does have that heart horse, because this term can mean so many different things to everyone.

Here is to our heart horses and may everyone have the chance to have one come into their lives. 🍷

❤️ The Nervous Equestrian

One thought on “Heart Horse

  1. digby58

    Wow….. love this week’s blog. Heart horse …. I had never heard the term before but you explained it perfectly. Thinking back to your first riding coach … she definitely had her heart horse! And now you do too ❤️Everything happens for a reason … Abbey is well worth the long wait and you are both where you are supposed to be at this point in time. Abbey had better take good care of you though or your unicorn is going to have a heart to heart with your dragon mama! Enjoy the ride …. the journey to your dream will be amazing! Very proud of both of you !

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