The Nervous Equestrian


Another year soon approaching. Another year were we set (usually unrealistic) resolutions and hope we meet them. I am no different than the average joe. I make resolutions every year; I’m going to lose weight, I’m going to actually use that gym membership, I’m going to do whatever it is I need to do to meet the unrealistic resolutions, blah blah blah. Same stuff different year.

Except this year. 2018. I am going resolution free, I am going to live my life day to day and RELAX! .. which I never do.

– Wait.. is that a resolution?

Regardless, I want to just relax.

I am a nervous, anxious, awkward person. You ask my close friends they agree. You ask people who say they know me, I’m none of those things – except maybe awkward, that’s pretty obvious. (and totally AWESOME)

Unfortunately all of those traits trickle down into my hobbies – horses & drinking wine (I don’t really get nervous for drinking wine, except that I might run out)

I am your adult amateur making her childhood dreams come true… or in my case I am still dreaming of those. I grew up loving horses & started taking lessons when I was roughly about 12ish and stayed pretty involved with them until I stopped cold turkey when I was 19 & started again when I was 24. I am your typical adult amateur (emphasis on amateur) equestrian. I am your typical adult (holy shit.. I just called myself an adult) who rides horses in hopes of living my childhood dreams of making it to the Grand Prix ring. Or even just a couple of championship coolers and some sweet photos.

Except.. I have 2 injuries, 2 serious injuries in the last 3 years of my riding “career”. You add 2 serious injuries and my over nervous/anxious personality and mix that all together you get me.. The Nervous Equestrian. The 30 (oh god.. 30) year old nervous equestrian with big dreams.

Which now leads me to this blog. I’ve decided to share my story & show others it’s okay to not be okay!

❤️The Nervous Equestrian

2 thoughts on “The Nervous Equestrian

  1. Just came across your blog via Twitter. Love your posts – I feel like I am in the same boat as a fellow adult amateur jumper rider with some bad injuries (a broken back and hand), struggling with nerves, but still hoping to show at a high level eventually eventually. Keep up the writing, I will enjoy following your progress – such an inspiration for people like me! : )

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    1. thenervousequestrian

      Aw thank you! That’s what I’m hoping to achieve with my blog; is to connect with other riders who are in the same boat as me. It’s a weird but comforting feeling to know your not alone! Glad you are still riding despite your injuries! 🙂


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