So, I had a fantastic lease ride on Wednesday night. And, of course not one person was there to witness it. My Wednesday night ladies I’m throwing shade to you 😉 (jk.. I know you have lives).

I was riding another lovely grey at the barn, who is the sweetest mare. I was able to ride her last week as well. She really showed me all my horrible bad habits I have picked up from riding Huntec. Last Wednesday night was a hot mess. Good lord, I have picked up some bad habits. But, I was so excited to ride Dylan (the mare) again this week so I could focus more on correcting myself and using my aids correctly and effectively.

There were poles set up in the ring for one stride distances and you were able to figure eight over them. We did that maybe 7/8 times. We didn’t get the one stride the first time around but we got it the rest of the time, taking long spots and even had lead changes!

The one thing I noticed while doing the exercise was that I was so extremely focused. Not once, and I mean not once did my stomach meet the back of my throat. She even had a couple of looks at the chair and the things in the chair, it didn’t once affect me. I just kept going and told her she was a good girl.

BUT, there seems to always be a but with me.

I was doing that weird tunnel vision thing that I have talked about before. While doing the exercise it was like everywhere around me was cloudy except for straight ahead. Which, worked out in my favour but was still really unsettling. I remember coming around the corner and I was just using my aids like, without even thinking about it. It was just happening.

I remember while cantering around that I was thinking how focused and calm I was feeling. Everything happening, was just happening. It was all flowing so smoothly.


My breathing. I wasn’t breathing like a normal person. LOL. I was barely breathing at all. How I don’t pass out is beyond me. I have a feeling my “tunnel vision” and lack of breathing go hand in hand. If I can learn to control them both that will be golden!

This Wednesday night ride brings me to think about my perspective on lesson nights.

I had such a calm, relaxing outlook going into that ride and while riding. I feel that if I can always go into a ride like that, I think I will advance quicker and start to really enjoy everything and anything that comes my way. I’m not a horrible rider, I do have a lot to work on, but we all always have things to improve on. I just let my nerves get the best of me.

If I can change my outlook about going into a lesson, I can have lessons like this lease ride. Just by changing my perspective I can conquer my fear. My fear of letting go and just going with it. It’s easier to say “just change your perspective”, but as they all say “change your mind, change your life”. And I do truly believe that.

I finally feel like I am realizing what I truly need to focus on so I can move forward and have more rides like Wednesday.

Here’s to changing my perspective and growing more as a rider!

❤ The Nervous Equestrian

3 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Lila Liu

    Hey I’ve just discovered your blog and I love it! I also enjoy horse back riding and I do have my fears once in a while ♡~Lila


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