This past week has been such a wind whirl of emotions. Emotions I didn’t think my 30-year-old self could experience.  

The first stressful one was,  


And… the worst part is, I still don’t have any wine in my house as I write this (seriously heart shattering).  

The second stressful/best emotion ever is,  


LIKE… OH… MY… GOD… IT HAPPENED. AND SHE IS HERE!!! I can’t thank EVERYONE enough that has made this possible. Without some fantastic people in my life it probably wouldn’t have happened.   

Her name is Abbey aka Breathless (that’s her show name). She is a 14-year-old thoroughbred cross grey mare. She stands at a fantastic height of 16.3hh. She came from a lovely woman in Ottawa, Ontario.   

I am a liar because I said I would never own a mare. And after dealing with Huntec I said I would never own a grey. WHOOPS… my bad… really! But she is sooo lovely.   

Abbey has SO MUCH personality. She is my little diva!! I am already picking up on a few cues and expressions she makes. I can’t wait to know her like the back of my hand – this will also help my nerves! She only arrived to the barn this past week. She arrived late Monday night, but I can already tell we are going to make a fantastic pair. She is going to teach me so much, and I can’t wait!  

I had my first ever ride on her Wednesday night. Of course, the one night I was so excited to have my quiet ring time, EVERYONE AND THEIR DOG WAS THERE. It added so much extra pressure to me. I was so excited to ride and SO nervous. Like the most nervous I have ever been in a long time. And because I get into my own head I totally folded under the pressure. But hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will my relationship with Abbey. Despite having an awkward first ride together we can only continue to grow and learn from each other.  I’m going to flat her Friday night again. I seriously can’t wait. I stayed home from the barn tonight and I am already having Abbey withdrawals (dang Fiancé saying he wants to hang out, doesn’t he understand I have a new love! ha-ha… Jokes… he won’t understand).  

I am so excited and so nervous for all the new experiences I am going to have with Abbey. I truly feel she is going to make me such a better rider. I can’t wait to experience them all – minus breaking any damn bones, let’s pray that doesn’t happen (seriously, someone send me some good luck).  

I can’t wait to see what this new adventure has in store for Abbey and I. I believe we shall achieve great things! It is crazy to think that this has happened to me. That something I have wanted since I was a child has finally come true. I like to think that Abbey coming into my life seriously means that there are great things to come. Everything truly does happen for a reason and I seriously hope her coming into my life is a blessing.  

Here is to the 2018 show season and having FUN with Abbey! 

❤ The Nervous Equestrian  


9 thoughts on “O.M.G

  1. digby58

    Watching your videos from Wednesday night and Friday night … you fit together like it’s meant to be. Yes she will test you but that’s good. Please no more broken bones ! (I’ll have a chat with her when we meet and lay down the law on that !). My inner teenage girl is so JEALOUS! You’ve been working hard to improve not only your skill set but also your mind set and you’ve earned this ! Abbey will make a huge difference in your life as you do this journey together. “Keep your head up, eyes straight and look to where you want to go” ❤️❤️

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