Easy word to say, spell and think. But even harder to do. 

Trusting your horse. Trusting your mind to let go. Trusting your instincts. Everything in every little sense comes down to trust. 

I have had a couple of rides now on Abbey. She is so sweet, with an even sweeter personality! I seriously lucked out for my first horse. 


Trust. Oh, that word. I am once again scared to put my trust into Abbey. I trust her. But my lack of trust (and confidence) boils down to putting her over fences. To trust that she is going to have my back as I have (and sit on hers). She has yet to do anything “dirty”. She had a couple of mare moments, but who doesn’t have a “mare” moment because this girl right here does. 

I sit and think about how I learned to trust Huntec and how we have formed that relationship. It took me awhile to let go and to trust him. To trust that he is going to do his job and as long as I do mine we will work together. We were a team. And I will soon be a team with Abbey. 

I jumped Abbey last night for the very first time. We did cross rails. The first time around was awesome. We jumped it. We landed it. We did it. She trusted me and I trusted her. She has such a BIG jump. She is a power house. I love it. I also did some trot poles with her and it’s like they weren’t even there. She was so excited to go over the poles and the cross rails. She clearly loves to jumped. It’s such different feeling to be on a horse that is like “YESSS send me over this!”. 

I am nervous but so excited to see how far Abbey can take me. To see how much, I am going to learn from her. Abbey may have only been here for a week and a bit now but I can tell this horse really does look after her rider and really tries her hardest. Abbey is trusting me to look after her, to care for her and to ride her well. She has put her trust into me and into her new home. If I can put my trust into Abbey as she has already so far for me, we will be one hell of a team. 

Trusting Abbey and trusting myself is going to take some time and probably a couple of falls and some f-bombs. But trusting her is what is going to make this team successful. Putting your trust in a 1000lb+ animal has to be the scariest thing ever, but the fact that so many of us do it shows it can be done. 

It is possible to let your guard down and trust your horse to take care of you, just like you take care of them. 

❤ The Nervous Equestrian 




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