Why I Ride

There are 100s of reasons why I ride horses. From simple reasons, to more meaningful reasons. There are just so many reasons why I am so in love with these magical unicorns that grace our lives. We all have those top reasons why we ride. Why we shake the dirt off after hitting the ground and get back on to try it again – hopefully without having an impromptu date with the ground.  

Us, equestrians, horse lovers, can probably all relate to the reasons why we ride horses. Why we care so much for them. Why we, time after time again mentally stress ourselves out for this sport.  

I ride horses because I love it. I simply love them. I love everything about it. From the hard work, to the enjoyment I get out of it. It’s hard to describe the love you feel for a horse, dog, cat, hell even a fish, if you don’t feel that connection to it. But, if you are like me and feel it, describing the love is effortless. It almost describes itself in a sense. Once you feel that connection, it’s amazing. There is nothing like loving something and knowing that it also loves and trusts you back. You give your 100% and your horse gives its 100% back to you. 

I ride horses because it’s exciting. As nervous, anxious and scared I get at times – it’s exciting. Just knowing at the end of the work day I can go hop on my horse and have a clop around, or have a lesson, it’s exciting and calming in a sense. I love testing myself and pushing past all those negative Nancy emotions. Even though at the time I am dying on the inside and barely keeping my shit together. It really is exciting. And going to visit my horse, and just even going to the barn after a crappy day of adulting is so relaxing.  

I ride horses because it’s empowering. I have become so much stronger both physically and mentally (Yes, my nerves have slighter gotten better, it’s true!). It has helped my confidence greatly. I am not only more confident in the saddle but I also am more confident now when I am not in the saddle. It has made me a much happier person! 

Riding horses has given me so many opportunities. Opportunities that I probably wouldn’t have had before or even considered doing. I have met so many fantastic people and made some really good friends since I started riding. Riding horses pushes me out of my comfort zone. I get into some pretty awkward situations in general (my ladies can attest to this) but riding also puts you in some pretty awkward situations (like going to the store after a day at the barn and the person behind you coughing because you stink) and I just take them. Laugh it off and continue on. 

Riding horses has taught me so much about myself that I honestly had no idea about. Like dangggg, I am a determined little bugger. Riding has taught me, patience, the ability to multitask GREATLY. Despite the setbacks I have had since starting riding again, I haven’t given up. Just something about riding makes me not want to give up, not want to stop. I’m sure anyone who has had setbacks with something they enjoy can relate to this. 

I ride horses for so many other reasons that I’m sure we can all relate too. From the social aspects, to it basically being my only hobby, from just having fun with it. I cannot stress enough how much I truly enjoy this sport. And now that I basically own a Unicorn – how can I not enjoy myself and how can I not enjoy my saddle time! 

Pour yourself that adult beverage and cheers to whatever reasons you have on why you ride horses! 


❤ The Nervous Equestrian 


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