So, turns out I am a (semi) horrible horse Mom.  Let’s all cry about that and share horrible horse Mom stories to make each other feel better.  

Turns out Abbey does have a little bit of attitude (mother like daughter, I’m sure my mother is saying). Also, turns out she is one hard to fit horse for a saddle. We have had a hand full of rides now, some were good, some were bad. The bad ones honestly left me in tears. I felt so horrible that I couldn’t understand what was going on, why she was acting the way she was acting. She is such a sweet mare that I honestly felt like I was ruining her and it was her way of telling me to get off, you’re not good enough for me.  


Turns out not one saddle we have at the barn properly fits her. They fit, but the smallest thing that would bug her would turn her right off and the devil inside her would start to show.  She is 100% a perfectionist. It is actually really cute and awesome. She is going to make me such a better rider – once I am actually able to ride her that is.  

The ONLY positive thing about going through this experience with Abbey and the saddle issue is that I have learned a lot of her traits and quirks. I have been able to learn her buttons and really see how she acts when something is bugging her. She is so sweet that I don’t want to cause her anymore distress so we have put her off until I can find a saddle fitter to help me and my big girl. 

Not being able to ride Abbey at the moment has me so stressed out. IT’S CURRENTLY APRIL 14…JUST SHY OF A MONTH AWAY FROM OUR FIRST EC SHOW. I AM FREAKING THE FLIP OUT!!! Like freaking.  

The fact that I don’t even have a saddle on the way here, like… Oh. My God. We have so much work to do and we can’t even do anything about it… NOT A THING! But, if I have to miss Windsor Spring, then that’s okay (not really, but I’m telling myself that). We are also supposed to do the Jen Hamilton clinic…  THE STRESS JUST KEEPS BUILDING! If we have to miss just those two things in May, it just means we will be on our A game for Windsor Summer and every other show that we do this season. 

I was able to ride Huntec last night. Man, I miss that dirty boy. He actually had so much energy last night it was nice. He kept trying to play while we were cantering down to the poles. I still have my eye on him, so that is reassuring that I haven’t lost that yet.  Just from having those few rides on Abbey and then going to Huntec again last night I was able to notice that my body position and hands were much better. I was a lot softer and more upright. Ms. Abbey has already improved me!  

I have reached out to a few people to help me fit Abbey for a saddle so hopefully this time next week I’ll be able to ride my girl and bust our asses for at least the Jen clinic! If anyone has any suggestions or any folks within Canada that can help a gal out, send them my way! 

❤ The Nervous Equestrian 


2 thoughts on “Whoops.

  1. digby58

    Any luck finding a saddle yet ?

    Yes I’m saying KARMA!! Lol. But I’m glad Abbey has a sweet nature and you’re learning how to read her 🙂

    Mama bear


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