Getting a new animal in your life is one of the happiest times ever, especially if ever since you were a little girl you wanted nothing but a horse to call your own – like really your own, with minimal sharing. But, dang, this whole getting to know one another is a process. It’s moments like this I wish animals could talk, or at least fully understand the English language.  

CAN WE STILL ALL FREAK OUT THAT I HAVE A FREAKING UNICORN.  *insert, crazy white girl dance moves* – Just don’t spill that wine while freaking out. Can’t afford to drop a drop now! 

Abbey and I had our groundwork clinic this past week. We learned little tips and tricks to do with one another and gain each other’s respect and trust. But, the one thing that the clinician told me that really hit home with me was when she said that you are given the horse you need in your life in that moment. Buying your first horse is such an overwhelming experience but you’re buying the horse you know you subconsciously need. I was telling her that I was feeling overwhelmed because I am coming off a gelding school horse who was a push button ride and going to a mare that has a brain of her own and was so more advanced than me. My biggest worry with Abbey at the moment is that I am ruining her. She is such a fancy horse and so well skilled, that it just seems crazy we can click. Just hearing it from an “outsider” that has never met me or seen me around Abbey was that little extra reassurance that I needed to hear. That it will all work out, and we found Abbey for a reason.  

One of the top things I already love about Abbey is that, she takes care of me. I’m not expecting her to do that, but she is. She is a total honest gal with a bit of bye Felicia moments. She needs everything to be perfect so when I am not perfect, she lets me know what’s up. If we have a bad corner and a crappy approach to the jump, she’s like “nope, get your shit together Mom”. I do expect Abbey to be honest with me like that and give me a good kick in the ass when I get messy. She has so far shown me that, that she can tell me what’s up and to pull it together. I also believe Abbey expects me be rewarding and to be her support blanket. I took Abbey to the beach the other day and it was a great bonding experience. She encountered many “scary” things, like puddles, her reflection in puddles and green mail boxes. It was such a great feeling to see her physically relax when I showed her those things were nothing to be scared of. I could tell we were actually strengthening the bond that we have started to create.  

I am just focusing on little goals with Abbey at the moment. I have much larger goals in mind, but I need to focus on the small wins right now. Like, this past Wednesday we had a great 20min flat ride until her alter ego broke through. We do still believe this does stem down to the saddle issue, but the saddle I can currently use on her does fit A LOT better than any others we have tried. So, now we are thinking it’s becoming a game – when she wants to be done, she is done.  

I know I probably sound like a broken record right now, always talking about bonding, saddle issues and goals. But when you have limited saddle time you have A LOT of time to drink wine and think about your magical freaking Unicorn.  

I just want to get into the show ring and show her off. She such a lovely mover, and just looks fantastic under saddle. I want the world to see how great she is! You got to show of your prize possessions and I can’t wait to do that with Abbey.  Now if I could bring my dogs into the show ring I would be ON FIRE! 

❤ The Nervous Equestrian 

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