Need I say anymore! 

Bits N Bridles in Falmouth, NS hooked a girl up with a 2017 Butet saddle. This is the moment where we can all freak out because who wouldn’t want to go for a ride in a Butet!?!?! 

This saddle is honestly a dream. The saddle is beyond comfortable! I can’t stress enough how comfortable it is – it is basically a cloud. My butt gets to sit in a cloud every day as I get carried away by my majestic Unicorn. Seriously – picture it, it’s actually quite funny and freaking ADORABLE! 

Not only is it basically a cloud but the craftmanship on the saddle is amazing! The work that (the handmade work!) goes into making these saddles is amazing. You can tell it’s extremely well made and put together extremely well! 

The name Butet speaks for itself I find.  My mare is a hard-fit horse, but this wide tree Butet is doing the trick. I was able to have the saddle for a few weeks and I have never felt so secure as I do in this saddle. Apart of feeling secure while being in the saddle, the comfort level is fantastic. The seat and knee rolls are lined with that fantastic calf skin that we all love. The seat is a generous 18”, which is great for this big booty of mine.  

Abbey also loves this saddle; she is actually going forward instead of backing up. Forward movement from her is an A+ in my books. Because as we all know Abbey has that reverse movement on LOCK! 

We have had a couple, more like a million stops at fences lately and I have yet to come off. I like to thank the Butet for this. Calf skin baby, it’s a life saver and of course my thunder thighs have to do some work, of course.  

I have a long list on what I loved about riding in the Butet, but the top 5 things I loved about the saddle and are worth mentioning again are (in no particular order); 

  1. Security – I can get a good grip with my thighs in our flighty moments or when I am feeling unsure of the situation.  
  2. Comfort level – when you have 2-hour lessons on occasion, comfort is key for both you and your horse. And this saddle is comfy for both Abbey and me. She doesn’t mind it at all and I could sit in it all day long.  
  3. Looks – It’s Beautiful. This is self-explanatory. The saddle is hands down GORGEOUS! It is something you definitely do a double take at. From the stitching, to the coloring, it is an eye catcher for sure! 
  4. Seat – The flatter seat allows me to get out of the tack when needed (over fences). 
  5. The craftsmanship – sooo well balanced. You can tell before even sitting in the saddle how well made it is. The work that goes into making Butet saddles is crazy. You are for sure buying a saddle that is so well made, well balanced and well planned out.  

I loved every minute riding in this saddle. And I loved it even more that Abbey was FINALLY happy. We were finally able to have some decent rides and get back into a regular work plan! 

A BIG Thank you to Holly at Bits N Bridles for the hook up and for letting Abbey & I work out our kinks together in this amazing Butet saddle! I highly suggest everyone tries a Butet and checks out Bits ‘N Bridles for all their equestrian needs – and for your Butet saddling fittings!! 

❤ The Nervous Equestrian  


2 thoughts on “Oh My… BUTET!

  1. My boy needs a wide gullet which is unfortunately not the standard in saddles.. I understand your happiness at finding an awesome saddle!! 😂😇


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