Fit…ness food in my mouth

So, as you all know I have been having the worst luck with a saddle.


I’ve been able to squeeze in a handful of rides with a friends saddle that fits Abbey enough without hurting her. My saddle should be here hopefully in a week – and FIT. If not.. OMG.. Watch out world.

Abbey and I both have been having a lot of off time since May. It’s only really been a month, but even before the last show we were both not in show condition like we should of been. There has been a lot of hand walking time, and a lot of me sitting and staring at her thinking.. “Jeeze, What a waste of a show season”.

SO, put down the food folks. It’s fitness time (ha..).

I’ve decided that Abbey and I need to set up our fitness. We need to set some goals. We have to gain back everything we have lost.


I have some figured out for Abbey; involving hill work, gymnastics (Lord, take the wheel on that one) and CARDIO. I still have to talk to my coach and get her input on what to focus on in my  non lesson rides. – once they start again.

For me,


I basically need to stop eating. I need someone to follow me around and tell me to make smart choices.  I need to start doing my squats again, lifting weights, (my broken arm has got really weak with my lack of riding and exercises) and doing some ab exercises. I basically need to smarten up and get my head in the game. Oh, I also probably should lay off the wine. HA, like that is going to happen, because I am currently writing this blog post eating ice cream and drinking red wine. They do say red wine is basically going to the gym.. soo…. I see no problem here!

In all seriousness, horseback riding is a sport. We are athletes. We have to eat, train and prep like we are in it to win it.

Time to step up and whip this butt into shape (If i write it, someone has to hold me accountable for this right!!?).

The first thing I am doing is, finishing this glass of wine before I start my 7day cleanse… WISH ME LUCK!

❤ The Nervous Equestrian

2 thoughts on “Fit…ness food in my mouth

  1. Karen Cleveland

    I hear duct tape is really good for a cleanse and weight loss. Simply apply to lips and leave it there lol. Seriously , good luck honey. Hope that saddle FITS!!


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