BUTET! BUTET! BUTET!  Need I say anymore!  Bits N Bridles in Falmouth, NS hooked a girl up with a 2017 Butet saddle. This is the moment where we can all freak out because who wouldn't want to go for a ride in a Butet!?!?!  This saddle is honestly a dream. The saddle is beyond comfortable! I can't stress enough how comfortable it is - it is basically a cloud. My butt gets to sit … Continue reading Oh My… BUTET!

Case Of The Wednesday’s

I had a lesson this past Wednesday. DANG. It was basically a Monday disguised as a Wednesday with a lot of ass kicking involved. I SO had my ass handed to me... AGAIN! I haven't had that bad of a frustrating ride since my coach made me jump a gymnastic line for my first jumping lesson since my fall (I think we can all remember that "Monday" … Continue reading Case Of The Wednesday’s