Gotcha Day

It happened. One year down with being Abbey’s horse Mom! We have both survived the first year together. With the help of my barn family I’ve managed to keep Abbey alive for A WHOLE YEAR!

It’s been one year since Abbey has joined the Owls Ridge family. One year since I became a horse Mom. One year since the dream I’ve wanted became true.

When Abbey first walked off the trailer, it was like a star-struck moment. I felt like a little kid at Christmas time, but also wanted to throw up from being so overwhelmed (it was a LONG day of waiting for her to arrive). My coach and I were both like… “Okay, she is HUGE!” The sale pictures forgot to add the 1000 pounds for her, I swear. She was an absolute gem the moment she was off the trailer. For arriving at 11:00 at night, not knowing where she was, or who I was. She was better than I honestly expected. She didn’t spook, bolt or cry (just me, HAHA).

It’s been a year full of challenges, with lots of ups and downs. A lot of tears shed; if I made the right decision or not, if Abbey and I will actually bond, if Abbey is the right horse for me; or is she too much horse for me to handle.

One year later and I can happily say, we’ve bonded and I do think she is the right horse for me. I still question if she is too much horse for me to handle, but those thoughts are quickly short lived these days. She challenges me more than any lease/school horse has yet. She has and is teaching me constantly to become a better, stronger, more confident rider.

The last year has been endless amounts of learning. From the first couple of rides on Abbey to the first couple of days with her I didn’t think I would be at the point where we are today. I can just look at Abbey and tell what she is thinking. I find she wears her heart on her sleeve. I can look at her and see her mood; if she’s in pain or not, or just content.

The challenges Abbey and I have worked through were, without a doubt beyond frustrating but I think we are coming ahead of it all and are due for our breaking point soon, to just finding that balance and confidence in each other.

She is a big girl, with an even bigger personality. And she is mine.

❤ The Nervous Equestrian

This is the first photo I took of Abbey, couple of minutes after she was off the trailer. ❤️

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