Abbey, is that you?

I am a believer in all things – all things that some people may find weird or different. I believe in ghosts, Bigfoot and of course, psychics. I, myself have had numerous personal experiences with mediums/ psychic mediums, and some pretty intense “ghostly” moments.  So, I thought why not try it with my animals. I hummed and hawed about it for months. Should I? Can I handle hearing what my animals had to say about me as an owner? Hearing it from a psychic medium about me and my loved ones is one thing, but hearing from someone who is communicating with my animals is a whole other level I wasn’t sure I was ready for.

Abbey and I had a pretty scary fall recently and that was it for me. I was mentally draining myself trying to figure out what happened; why it happened and if Abbey was OK! I took the plunge and contacted Laura Bode – Animal Talk. A fellow rider at my barn had used her in the past and just raved about her and how fantastic she was.

Laura communicates with animals telepathically and she did not disappoint. My reading was 30 minutes and it was all done over the phone (which made it even more mind blowing), I simply sent her a face on photo of Abbey and she worked her magic. From the moment the phone call started Laura was able to pick up on the recent fall, the injuries sustained and Abbey’s take on what happened. It was mind blowing. Abbey was able to tell me her likes, dislikes, what hurts and offer reassurances to me as a rider, and as her owner.

The best thing I took from the phone reading was that Abbey was happy at the farm and enjoyed how I rode her. Laura told me that Abbey wanted me to know that she is a brave horse and that I needed to be more confident with myself, and that Abbey LOVES to jump. Abbey feels like she doesn’t have to teach me how to ride, that I know what I am doing and that she enjoys her work program.

Hearing that Abbey was going to be okay and that she loves me as a person and as a rider was just what I needed to hear. It also hit home BIG TIME that Abbey said, I needed to be more confident. It’s not a secret that I struggle with confidence issues with my riding. Hearing from my own horse that I needed to be more confident with her, and her love for jumping definitely give me a boost and a sense of comfort.

This reading I feel has helped our bond and has helped me look at her in a different way. Laura not only provided me comfort that all will heal, get better, but she offered me a sense of encouragement and the feeling that Abbey and I are making progress in our work program. All those things, she was able to pick up from Abbey, herself. Abbey’s sweet, big personality was coming through and Laura communicated with her in a way I’ve never experienced before.

I get this type of thing isn’t for everyone, it seems crazy – I completely get the doubt. But I’m here to tell you, it is totally worth it. I highly recommend Laura Bode if you wish to hear from your animals. She was so easy to talk to and the accuracy she gave was unreal. She picked up on things that you wouldn’t know if you weren’t Abbey or I.

Stop thinking whether or not you should try an Animal Communicator and just do it! I’m so happy I took that plunge and can’t wait to do it again!

Click the link and check out Laura’s website!

❤️ The Nervous Equestrian

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