Hey it’s me, The Nervous Equestrian, back again. 

I’m back again with more (but healed now) broken bones, and returning back to the saddle jitters once again. But, this time around (I can’t believe I actually have to say, this time around… AGAIN), it feels different. Maybe I’m in a better place this time, maybe my mental health is better. Once I do start riding again, I’m sure the ol’ nervous nellie we have all grown to know will be back. But, with a much better let’s do it attitude (cross those fingers for that). I am anxious to start riding again, getting myself and Abbey back into physical and mental shape. She has been LOVING her mini vacation, so has my waist line, and my online shopping is at an all-time high (but, is that really a bad thing!?!). 

2020 has been an interesting year so far for everyone. I feel like we were all kicking ass, hitting those goals, growing as riders, growing as individuals, and BAM! 2020 came in hot and kicked us back a notch. 

I broke my wrist and ribs on March 20th, the same weekend the world slapped us in the face with this “new normal” and state of emergency we are all currently living in. By this point, the word Coronavirus, wasn’t something new, it was already beginning to be a stressful, nervous, anxious time; people’s emotions were running at an all-time high. 

As I was sitting in the emergency room with a few others, we were chit chatting about the virus, how we thought it would blow over soon, and run its course (boy, we were wrong). The gentlemen sitting across from me was there because he stabbed himself in the gut with a butcher knife – I kid you not! I saw it, I saw the knife, I saw the cut, and it made me appreciate that all I had was a broken wrist and a growing lump on my back. But what stuck out to me about him (too soon!?!) was how, despite the world coming to a halt, was how he was more concerned about me – ME; and not the new belly piercing he had just given himself. He was more worried about my injuries, my pain level, and making sure the pillow was supporting my wrist.  It was this short (a few hours) interactions that made me appreciate the comforts from a complete stranger. The world outside is full of stress, uncertainty, full of “what ifs”. And this man, despite everything that was going on with himself, he was worried about someone he didn’t even know. It what this interaction that made me think, and still does, that despite what someone has going on in their life around them, you are never too busy to take the time to make sure others around you are okay. 

If we can take anything from 2020, it’s to take the time to slow down, to appreciate what is around us, and who.  Life can change in a blink of an eye; you never know from one day to the next what is going to happen.  These times we are in, is when need others the most.  Take the extra minute to ask your friends, colleagues, the person at the gas station, how they are making out. During these challenging times that one little interaction can literally change a person’s day.  

You can never be too busy to be a good person.  

❤ The Nervous Equestrian 

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