Parallels between Riding and the Remote Work Lifestyle (Work From Home/Work From Anywhere)

By Guest Blogger, Ellen Kumar

I frequently draw comparisons between two of the activities in my life: my current remote work lifestyle and riding horses. Surprisingly to some of my co-workers who aren’t riders, there are many similarities.

Fellow equestrians, I’d love to hear your feedback.

1: Both activities require extreme communication. 

  • I have been a mostly remote worker for 11 years and have learned I should over-communicate and thoroughly document so others are aware of my intentions, plans, wins and losses.
  • If you’re not communicating as a rider, you are just a passenger. Your horse will literally decide what THEY want to do if you don’t cue or tell them what you want.

2: Don’t let random stray thoughts keep you from getting the important things done. Any mental/physical multi-tasking should involve actions that support your primary work tasks or your goals for that ride.

3: Stay in the present. There is a time for preparation/planning and a time for post-work or post-ride journaling, but while riding (or working) it’s critical to give it your all.

4: Don’t fall into the trap of describing some aspect of work or riding that is eluding or challenging you as “a weakness.” It may be something that requires more practice, stronger focus or a different mindset. Take a deep breath between attempts. Ask for coaching or mentoring. Have someone video you and then watch the recording.

This is one of my favorite topics, so please hit me up if you’d enjoy chatting at more length!

#worklifebalance #remotework #horsebackriding

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